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Ground survey work is commonly carried out at the start of the year when the ground starts to soften a bit after hard frosts and waterlogging from the rain, and when construction and grounds maintenance works begin again after the seasonal shutdown.

However, ground surveys are an essential preliminary step before any work is carried out, no matter what time of year, in the planning and preparation for pipeline proposals and building work.

Some of the main equipment you may need includes:


Generally, the land, geography, environment, and archaeological aspects of the ground and area all need to be factored in.

While these issues can require experts, there are a lot of groundwork surveys which can be carried out by your team before the experts are even brought in. Checking for cables and checking that the ground is level and safe enough to hold heavy equipment/be dug into are just two of the items on the list of preparation work.

All of our survey equipment below is available to hire online, as well as across our UK-wide depot network.



Pipework which doesn’t emit signals also needs to be detected before any work is carried out. The Radio Detection 10/GENNY4EN Signal Generator can accurately determine the placement of underground gas pipes, water pipes, fibre optic cabling, streetlight cabling and other utilities.

The signal from the GENNY4 is sent out, before bouncing off pipework and returning to the machine. It is portable, running on batteries, with a built-in loudspeaker to ensure no alert is missed.

Use with the CAT4 range of detection tools.


Hire the GENNY4



A cable avoidance tool, such as the ECAT4+ Cable Locator, can allow you to mark out existing underground cables which generate their own signals, such as telecoms and utilities.

Cable detection is often mandated by laws and industry standards, and is an essential part of preparation work, sometimes before plans are even drawn up.

Their placement can then be marked out, allowing cables to be avoided or to put plans in place to rework the cabling to allow for the new construction.

It can be a particularly essential step to take in residential and other built-up areas, where overhead cables aren’t present. Detection and avoidance are important so as not to cause disruption to vital services and local communications and reduce the risk to workers.





For a building to remain in good condition long-term, with no threats to structure, the ground needs to be as level as possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be completely flat—sloped and level grading, as well as trenching, can also be important steps to take if you’re working with any difficult ground.

For measuring, the Leica NA720 Automatic Level is a robust and accurate level which can give you measurement results in tough building conditions.

  • 20x magnification
  • 1.5mm accuracy at 30m
  • 360° angle measurement

It can still give automatic results in rain, dust, and heavy vibrations from machinery. High luminosity gives clear results, even when natural and artificial light is hard to come by.

Then, the Leica Rugby 620 Self Levelling Rotary Laser Level is one of the toughest, most reliable construction levellers available. It is designed mainly for those who perform formwork and concrete applications.

  • 800m working range (with RE160)
  • +/-1.5mm accuracy
  • Fully automatic levelling on setup
  • <45hr battery life fully charged
  • Digital receiver/detector-LCD display (0.5mm accuracy)

Simple to use, with one button operation, and has a manual slope detector capability. It will reduce the likelihood of errors, downtime and reworkings, meaning levelling, concrete pouring, and foundation setting has never been easier.





Cable ducting can be used when:

  • installing cables in ducts
  • threading draw ropes through pipes
  • surveying drains/wells/mines by attaching a Sonde and following above ground with a CAT

A duct reel can keep everything tidy and safe when long cables are used, and it makes for easier and quicker tidying too. The Cobra Duct Rod is available in 150m and 250m variations to hire from Speedy.

This is ideal for when the ground survey work has been carried out, and pipework or drainage then needs to be surveyed.




Yes. Speedy Services, the UK's leading tool hire company, have a range of survey equipment for hire nationwide. Speedy has more than 200 service centres across the nation, hire counters in selected B&Qs and nationwide 4-hour delivery, survey equipment hire has never been easier.

You’ll find all the tools you need for construction, survey, and ground control work from Speedy Services.

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