How to Safely & Properly Store Tools & Equipment

Whether you’re on a building on a site or building your collection of tools for DIY, storing power tools and hand tools safely and securely is incredibly important.

Improper tool storage leaves you and everyone around you at risk of injury, damaged equipment, and theft.

A real benefit of hiring tools from Speedy Hire, as and when you need them, is that longer-term storage is less of a headache.

However, longer-term hires or indeed owning your tools requires thought into how to safely and securely keep your tools stored.

Speedy also has tool storage boxes available for hire if you’re working on site, which will keep everything secure, safe, and in one place.

The most important points are:

  • Keep tools secure and hard to intentionally access to reduce theft and injury - find the right storage solution for your needs and lifestyle
  • Have dedicated storage boxes
  • Tools should be cleaned and dried before storing
  • Know the dangers of power tool blades and other tools when not in use, and act accordingly.

We will go into more detail below.


Tool Storage Tips

Proper tool storage is vital to:

  • keep the tools in good working condition and reduce the risk of damage
  • keep everyone safe, so they know where potentially dangerous tools are
  • prevent theft
  • prevent loss


Even if you hire your tools and equipment from Speedy, there is still the possibility you need to store them at least for a few days if undertaking a big job.

Reducing the risk of damage and loss also means reducing the risk of being invoiced for the damage, although taking out Speedy Shield damage waiver cover can still be a good idea if you’re working on a busy construction site.


  1. Always follow instructions

Your tool will come with storage and usage instructions, so follow these first and foremost. Not following this guidance can mean any insurance or damage waivers become invalid.

It is also the best advice catered to your particular product. This applies to both power tools and hand tools.

All of our hire products here at Speedy come with instructions, and you can always contact your local depot for advice if needed.


  1. Keep everything in one place

Sounds sensible, but how many of us have random screwdrivers and pliers in the miscellaneous kitchen drawer/under the stairs/the shed?

Keeping everything stored in one place can become even harder when you have a household all using the tools or are working on a site. This is why it is vital to have designated storage space for tools, especially smaller non-electrical hand tools such as hammers and chisels.

It makes things easy to find, gives you easy access to what you need, and means smaller tools aren’t cluttering your other storage spaces.

A toolbox or tool bag is a great idea. Having a peg board which is strong and secure enough to hang any larger tools, or electrical tools, is also beneficial.

This can be in the shed, garage, or under the stairs. Just ensure that wherever tools are kept is dry, free from clutter, and secured.


  1. Secure tools to reduce theft

On the subject of keeping spaces clutter free and secured, utilise locks and keys where appropriate.

Many of the security storage boxes available to purchase from Speedy have integral Chubb type locks, so this is already covered.

It is a good idea to lock any toolboxes with expensive tools inside with a padlock. Furthermore, lock the room or outbuilding the box is in, too.

Regular toolboxes with general tools should at least have clasps present which means the box is secured when being carried, for added user safety.

Theft is a huge issue on sites, or if you’re an SME with a work van. Never keep tools in your van overnight and install a security system if they’re in a garage or shed.

Hiring tools with in-built security systems could be a great idea. The Milwaukee MX FUEL™ range utilises the ONE-KEY™ security system, an anti-theft tool tracker and inventory system which gives you real-time alerts through community Bluetooth® tracking, barcode scanning and geofencing.

If you’re at home, clasps are hard for children to open, but also consider keeping tools out of reach and somewhere where children aren’t allowed.


  1. Keep blades covered

Perhaps one of the most vital tips for safety – keep sharp blades covered when not in use, and when in storage.

Blades should be sharp, to improve their efficiency and reduce the risk of injury when in use. Accidentally coming into contact with a blade, even if the tool isn’t switched on, could cause injury.

Always wear thick work gloves when dealing with sharp blades, or when the risk of dealing with them is present.

Blades should come with a sleeve which should be used. Covering a blade also protects it from dust and debris which could reduce its efficiency.


  1. Never wrap power cords

Wrapping cords around a tool puts strain on the cord and the plastic/rubber cover, causing it to become fragile. Exposed wiring is dangerous, putting the user at risk of electric shock when the tool is in operation.

It is best to loop power cords, and then tie them with a wire tie or similar to keep the cord loops together.


  1. Clean tools after use

Wipe off dust, grease, and other debris from tools before storing them. This means they won’t become jammed or corroded in storage.

Avoid using water on electricals. A dedicated cleaning fluid may be required. Ensure tools are fully dried before putting them away.



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