Did you know that there are a number of minimum and maximum working temperature regulations in place to ensure that workers are carrying out their duties in safe working conditions?

At Speedy our range of heating solutions will help to ensure your workplace meets the minimum working temperature requirements, and to keep your site running and warm during the longer winter nights especially when the temperature drops. Our range of winter solutions includes infrared heaters, fan heaters, oil filled heaters, generators, dehumidifiers and PPE thermal workwear.

We have the right winter equipment for hire when you need it and where you want it. And with over 350 of our most popular products available on a guaranteed 4-hour delivery, and 200 service centres nationwide there's no need to look anywhere else for your high-quality tool hire equipment.

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1. Industrial Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are highly efficient, their infrared elements make them a formidable tool for combatting the elements.  Using high frequency heat waves to warm up an office or warehouse, infrared heaters are a highly efficient workplace heating option for your site with lower running costs.


The Rhino TQ3 H029300 2.8kW 110v infrared heater, made from a high-grade and heat resistant material, it’s moulded handle and wheels allow for easy manoeuvrability. Ideally suited for spot heating in construction environments and is also a great option for drying paintwork and plaster.

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2. Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are portable and a great heating solution for your site during the cold winter months.


This fan heater is small but powerful and boasts an incredible 2.8kW output and has 3 control settings: fan, half heat (1400w) and full heat (2800w).  Quiet running and portable this fan heater will generate warmth and disperse it across the room to bring the workplace temperature up.

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This compact and highly effective 3kW electric fan heater provides clean, fast, and safe heating for a variety of applications.  Fan heaters are also a great option if you’re working in a temporary location to help keep your site warm this winter.

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3. Oil Filled Heaters

Oil filled heaters are excellent at retaining heat, so less energy is needed to top up temperatures in your room, energy-efficient, flexible, and portable easy to use and move around on site.


This 2kW 240v oil filled radiator is compact and features castors for easy manoeuvrability. The radiator provides high heat output at variable temperatures, with 3 heat settings, thermostatic control and overheat protection this is an ideal choice for both domestic and industrial applications.

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4. Generators

Having a power outage in the middle of winter for an extended period can cause disruption on site and can stop productivity.  Ice, snow, and winter weather elements can also make getting back up and running more difficult, having a generator on site as a back-up power source will help you to power through the winter months.


The Pramac E3200 2.9kVA single voltage generator is designed as a portable electrical power source. With thermal protection this generator is ideally suited for tradesman, building and construction environments.

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5. Dehumidifiers   

Moisture in and around the workplace can make things very uncomfortable especially during the winter months with damp developing on areas that stay wet for any length of time. One way to prevent this developing on the carpets, floors and walls is to use a dehumidifier to draw in all the moisture and then pump it out to keep it out! 


The Dri-Eaz F571 cube dehumidifier is capable of extracting up to 42 litres per day. Designed to reduce humidity in enclosed environments by removing water vapour from the air, ideal for drying rooms following decorating, flood damage and construction.


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6. PPE Thermal Workwear

PPE (personal protective equipment) is vital during the winter to help keep workers warm and visible. Hi-Vis jackets can help to counter both the poor visibility and freezing temperatures, while other forms of PPE like body warmers and thermal gloves will provide protection from winter conditions.

PPE Thermal Workwear


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