What is a welfare unit, and why are they important?

A welfare unit is a key component of a site during working hours. They provide safe, sanitary areas for workers to take breaks, maintain hygiene, and have meals.

They can be particularly crucial for off-site construction, where no nearby public amenities or facilities exist, such as cafes or public toilets.

There are different make-ups of welfare units based on what you need on-site. Some are static for longer-term use, and some are mobile for transportation with a site move. Some may have kitchens and dining areas, and others may have toilets and changing rooms if these aren't provided separately.

You may even need a meeting room or washroom in a unit on site. Most come equipped with heating, running water, and towing axles, are for use all year round and with an easy, quick setup.

With some designs, welfare units can also accommodate different numbers of people, up to 16 at a time.




Welfare units are essential not only for worker morale but for the provision of sanitary and washing facilities as well as drinking water, rest areas, and clothing change areas, covered under Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

Workers also need to take uninterrupted rest breaks, at least 20 minutes per 6 hour shift, so welfare units can ensure workers are comfortable and safe away from the working site.


Where can Welfare Units be used?

Welfare units can be used on any temporary site where their function is required.

This can be a construction site or similar, a public event, retail space, a sports event, or anywhere where temporary solutions are required when permanent welfare spaces are not used due to issues or refurbishment.



Welfare unit hire from Speedy Hire

Speedy Hire offers welfare units as part of our Customer Solutions services. With access to the largest fleet of containers in the UK, we can supply sites with welfare units or vans or standalone sleeper units, offices, toilets, and canteens.

We can also provide sites with effluent empties and water refills to ensure your off-site welfare unit is continually ready during working hours.

Our eco range can even ensure you meet sustainability targets. Whether using solar energy or harvesting rainwater, we have access to the most sustainable welfare pods in the industry.



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