If you are looking to hire welding equipment, Speedy is the place for you. By getting your equipment from us, you can be sure you are working with a reputable builder and a company that has your best interests at heart.

We are keen to ensure your building project goes off without a hitch and with our tool hire service, you can do just that. Using the correct tools will ensure your work is completed correctly and to a high standard, while it could also help to keep the work on schedule. This will keep your clients happy and ultimately be beneficial to you.

We have several pieces of welding equipment that could be of use. Among the items we have are a welding screen and a welder spark arrestor. Similarly, you can hire welding masks to ensure maximum protection to welders on your site.

A welding earth clamp 300 600a with cable could suit your needs, as could our welding electrode holder. Alternatively, our ten metre welding lead set – which includes an earth clamp lead 300amp with a crocodile earth clamp and dinze plug - may be just what you need to complete your project. This requires some specialist equipment, including boots, a welding mask and gloves.

 You may need a welding fume extractor for some projects, while silenced welder generators – available in both petrol and diesel-powered forms – could suit your needs.

 As safety is a key concern during a construction project, we also offer services to help you with this part of your project. Our advisory services will inspect your site and to help prevent accidents, we will ensure your employees are aware of what needs to be done around the premises to protect themselves and others.

 We also offer accident investigation, risk assessments and identification and training so you can pass on your knowledge to other employees.

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