What is a Mulching Lawnmower?

A mulching lawnmower will chop collected grass really small into mulch, which is then deposited back into the lawn. This is instead of collecting the grass clippings or leaving them on the grass to rake up.

When the mulch plugs are deposited back into the grass, it isn’t obvious. So, the grass is left looking like the cut grass has been collected.

The mulched clippings will decompose in the lawn as organic matter, which acts as a fertiliser.

So, a mulching mower not only gives you no waste to get rid of but is also beneficial to your lawn health.




What is the difference between a mulching lawnmower and an ordinary lawnmower?

Most ordinary lawnmowers will either collect the grass clippings in a basket to be emptied into garden waste or compost or will leave the grass clippings behind on the top of the grass to be raked up or decompose naturally.

However, a mulching lawnmower has a slightly curved mulching blade which recirculates these grass clippings in the mower deck. This allows the mower to keep cutting the grass clippings until they are very small and fine.

Once they’re small enough, the clippings are forced back into the lawn via discharge chutes. They are undetectable and will slowly break down and decompose.



Move slowly when using a mulching lawnmower, to give the blade enough time to properly chop the collected grass and dispense it back into the soil. Otherwise, using a mulching lawnmower is just the same as an ordinary lawnmower.

When using gardening tools, you should wear PPE. Gloves, eye protection, and work boots are needed when using a lawnmower, and you should also wear ear protection when working with petrol tools.

All the PPE you need can be purchased from Speedy at the same time as hiring your lawnmower.


Why Should I Use a Mulching Lawnmower?

The mulch deposited back into the grass will slowly break down and decompose, releasing nutrients back into the soil and therefore feeding your grass.

These nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients.

This grass feed is natural, with no chemicals required, which is great in the long term and better for wildlife. The mulch would otherwise just be disposed of.

Talking of disposal, using a mulching lawnmower also means you have no grass clippings to get rid of. This is particularly beneficial if you don’t have a garden collection bin or can’t add it to your compost heap just yet.


Are there any downsides to mulching lawnmowers?

A mulching lawnmower deposits everything it collects back into the ground. Unfortunately, this includes weeds if you have them.

This means that only using a mulching lawnmower will mean you have a constant weed issue if they’re present when you cut the grass. So, it is best to vary between a mulching lawnmower and an ordinary lawnmower when cutting grass.

This way, you can get rid of weeds and then feed your lawn.

Hiring a mulching lawnmower when your grass looks like it needs some nutrients is therefore a practical solution. This way, there’s no need to store it throughout the year, and you can benefit from professional-standard equipment.




You should also avoid using a mulching lawnmower on really long grass. It will struggle to cut long grass small enough and will just leave a mess behind.


When should I use a mulching lawnmower?

Mulching is best done in spring and summer. Your lawn will be looking a bit lacklustre after winter, so along with aerating your lawn, mulching can help give it some much-needed nutrients and bring it back to life in time for the nicer weather.

Mulching again in summer when the lawn looks healthy means all of those good nutrients are released back into the ground, to keep it looking healthy right up until winter.

Ordinary lawnmowing should be done on average every week or two weeks, so work out how much you mulch with how often you cut the grass with an ordinary mower.

You can leave the cuttings from an ordinary lawnmower on your grass to act as a moisture-retentive mulch. This can especially be beneficial in summer when the weather is hot and dry.




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