While staff members have a responsibility to look after themselves and each other, employers also have a duty of care and there are certain things they need to do. By making sure they are aware of these, construction workers can ensure their superiors are fulfilling their responsibilities towards health and safety.

Supervisors must carry out a risk assessment on the site and take precautions to ensure no possible harm can come to employees. This must then be communicated to workers in a clear and concise manner so they are aware of how risks will be controlled and who is responsible for doing so.

Facilities such as drinking water, a first aid box, toilets and washing facilities all need to be provided, while health and safety training needs to be provided free of charge. Similarly, tool hire services must be used if necessary to give employees all the equipment and protective clothing they need to keep themselves safe.

Insurance that covers all staff members must be provided by construction companies in case anyone becomes ill or gets hurt on the job, while consultation is required between workers and health and safety representatives to prevent individuals from coming to any harm.

If employees feel as though their boss is not fulfilling these duties or is doing something that could put their safety at risk, it is important they do not ignore the issue. Instead, they should raise any concerns and, if no action is taken to address the matter, they should log the matter with the HSE.

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