Skip Sizes Guide

When hiring a skip, you will often have to pay more for a bigger skip. So, you don’t want to hire the largest skip possible and then realise you’ve essentially paid for wasted space.

Likewise, hiring a skip which is too small will obviously mean you don’t get rid of everything you need to, requiring you to hire another skip or dispose of it at a local waste recycling centre. These can incur additional charges and time.

Skips are available in several different sizes, and you need to think about where it will be placed, what you need to put into the skip, and whether there are any constrictions from the council or similar.

When hiring a skip from Speedy, we will talk you through all your available options. Give Speedy Skip Hire a call today on 0345 600 3546 and we will advise you, whatever your needs.




The basics

Skips are measured in yards. They usually come in increments of two yards. Here at Speedy Services, we provide 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-yard skips.

The yards refer to their cubic yard volume. The exact dimensions will differ depending on the skip provider and skip manufacturer, but a 4-yard skip from Speedy is 6ft length x 4ft width x 3.5ft height and a 12-yard skip is usually 12.5ft length x 6ft width x 5.5ft height.

Another guide commonly used when trying to establish the size of a skip required is how many black bin bags of rubbish it will hold. A 4-yard skip from Speedy Services will hold 30-40 bin bags, which is perfect for smaller-scale renovations and clear-outs. 12-yard maxi skips can hold 80-110 bin bags.

The most common size of skip is a 6-yard skip. This is ideal for DIY and renovation projects and will be the size you most commonly see on residential streets.


How big does my skip need to be?

You need to think about:

  • What you’re getting rid of
  • Where the skip will be placed
  • Whether the skip will be on public or private land


Where is the skip going?

The first thing you need to consider is where the skip is going, and how much space this area has. If you’re putting the skip on a driveway, this is classed as private property, but if it has to be on the road outside then you’ll need a permit.

In both of these scenarios, you may have size limits. The nose of a skip cannot stick out into the road or block road access; a permit will confirm the measurements have been cleared.

If on a private driveway, you will still need to double-check you can access all sides of the skip as well as ensure there is enough space for it to be dropped off and picked up on a crane. All skips are delivered and collected by an HGV, so you need to ensure there is room for this to go down the road or driveway and ensure there is sufficient space around the skip for it to be picked up.


What is going in the skip?

Once you have a clear idea of the maximum dimensions your skip can be, you will then need to think about what it is you’re getting rid of. The space for your skip may already mean you have limited freedom on what you can hire, but if space isn’t an issue, think about what you’re throwing away.

For most people carrying out a general spring clean, garden tidy or single-room renovation, a 4-yard midi skip will be perfect. But for entire home refurbishments, builder’s rubble, or larger items, a 6- or 8-yard skip could be required.

Will you have really bulky items or just small items such as old kids' toys and general bin bags? Bulky items will take up more room and will cause more space, requiring a larger skip.


Are there legal constrictions?

Also, consider the fact there may be general restrictions in place. An 8-yard builders skip is the largest you can have on a roadside, so you can’t hire anything larger than this if you don’t have a driveway.

A 12-yard maxi skip can only be placed on private land. The largest 12-yard skips are often only used in commercial and industrial settings anyway, but this does mean that a business which uses a public car park/parking space may need to talk to the council about what they can and can’t do.

And on the subject of councils, be aware that some have their own rules and regulations in place. Certain individual councils, particularly in cities such as London and Manchester, may have size restrictions for a skip placed on the roadside (which may be smaller than the common 8-yard skip limit).




Is There Skip Hire Near Me?

Hopefully, you now have an idea on the size of skip you need for your job at hand.

Please contact Speedy Skip Hire today on 0345 600 3546 to enquire about hiring a skip.

At Speedy we have got a great range of skips available and will be happy to talk you through all of the information you need to know. 

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