Anyone working in the building industry should be aware of asbestos and the dangers associated with it. When it comes to controlling projects, details of the duty to manage asbestos are included in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006.

Demolition and construction firms are frequently fined for carrying out work on a building containing asbestos without the proper safety measures in place, resulting in court appearances and charges of up to several thousands of pounds.

Any companies with repair or maintenance responsibilities on non-domestic premises - whether it is because they own them or have a contract or tenancy agreement - have a responsibility for asbestos management.

This means they must use an asbestos surveyor to establish whether the fibres are present or assess the likelihood of this being the case, presuming they are there unless there is strong evidence to suggest differently.

If individuals know a certain building contains asbestos, it is up to them to provide details to the dutyholders. However, the dutyholder must then assess the reliability of the information and the extent of the danger.

Builders or contractors who presume there to be asbestos in a property they are working on must ensure they keep an accurate record of the location and condition of any materials containing the fibres.

They then need to discuss the potential risk these could pose and come up with a plan for managing the potential dangers, as well as taking steps to put these arrangements in place before reviewing them and monitoring the situation.

Anyone who will work on the building needs to be informed of the matter and given details about the location and condition of the materials that contain the asbestos to ensure they do not disturb it.

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