An ever-increasingly popular option for providing site lighting is solar-powered lighting towers. With low carbon and zero emissions targets in place for construction sites across the UK, renewable solar power is a great choice for any site conscious about the power they use.

Grid power can sometimes be unattainable on remote sites, too. This makes alternatives such as battery and solar a logical choice when traditional fuel is not an option. Solar is also a cost-effective option; there are no ongoing expenses, and no need to rely on expensive power from the grid.

Solar-powered lights will utilise a battery. The sun will charge the battery during the day, and once the system realises there is no more solar power coming from the environment, the light will be turned on. This means it is ready for when the site goes dark, with no manual intervention required.



Why solar lighting is a great option for construction sites

1. Zero emissions

Because a solar light uses no fuel, there is no waste product. Alternatives, such as fuels like petrol, give off fumes as they run.

This can make fuel-powered lighting unattractive to run. Emissions targets, and the safety of the workforce, mean emissions really have to be kept to a minimum. Battery and solar lighting give off no fumes, making them a clean, safe alternative.


2. Green Power

Solar-powered equipment utilises the power of the sun during the day. This is something that already exists; there is no need for anyone on site to set up additional charging and power systems or wires.

During the day, when the battery is charging, the controller understands that it is daytime, and the light is kept off.

Once the panel stops charging, only then does the light turn on. This means no power is wasted, and the lighting is automatic so there’s no human intervention required.


3. Flexible placement

Because they use battery power, there are no wires to connect to any generators or mains power. This makes them safe to have on-site as there are fewer hazards, and they’re also easier to set up.

Lighting is an essential part of any construction or building site, with all used areas requiring some level of lighting for safer working conditions. This can make it difficult to arrange corded equipment, so the flexibility of solar lighting will be really beneficial.

The solar lighting towers can also be placed in the sunniest spot of the site during the day for optimum charging capabilities, and then positioned before it begins to go dark.


4. LED fixtures

Solar-powered lighting is a relatively new option, especially for use in construction, and so the majority are fitted with LED lights. These have a long lifespan and give off less heat than a traditional bulb.

This makes them a greener alternative to traditional bulbs. They use less electricity for the same light output, providing a lower cost output too. All in all, up to 90% less energy is used with LED bulbs compared to halogen, which is why they are recommended in homes and now on sites.


5. Low maintenance

If you hire lighting equipment from Speedy Services, it already comes maintained and ready to use. However, long-term hires can sometimes require you to take care of them based on the conditions of your site, whether this is cleaning the equipment or changing fittings.

Because of the 45° angle of the solar panels, they will naturally be cleaned with rain. Batteries can last on average 7 years, and LED bulbs for around 20 years. Overall, solar light can last between 15 and 30 years, so all components are reliable.


What happens if there is no solar power available?

The weather in the UK can be intermittent. While the sun doesn’t have to be shining incredibly brightly for the solar panels to benefit, depending on positioning and weather conditions, the panels may not pick up enough light for an entire night of charge.

Most solar lighting has a backup option. This may be a rechargeable battery or mains supply capability. So, even if the weather isn’t nice or there has been an issue with the lighting being in the wrong position to pick up a full day of sun, you can still rely on the lighting when it is needed.

However, most solar lighting towers will have multiple panels to maximise their efficiency and chances of making the most of all solar availability. Even in poor weather conditions, there will still be a certain level of solar energy provided.




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