As the dark nights are now starting to close in are you finding yourself back indoors? Start to make the most of the longer winter months with our top five winter cleaning tips to get your home sparkling just in time to show off to your friends and family at Christmas.

Read our winter cleaning tips now to find out how we can help you get your home ready for hosting some amazing Christmas parties.


5 Winter Cleaning Tips for your Home     


Tip 1: Clear out gutters  

Are your gutters clogged up with all them fallen autumn leaves and debris, did you know that leaving them can lead to long-term water damage

To prevent the risk of clogging up your draining system clear out your gutters by removing leaves and debris. Hire a combination ladder and following best safety practice place the ladder on a level surface ensuring it is propped up against a secure wall and someone is holding the bottom of the ladder for you keeping it steady. Wear heavy duty gloves to clear out the gutters and safety goggles to protect your eyes from debris.


Tip 2: Vacuum your carpets and stairs

Winter is a great time to clean your carpets and stairs, especially if they have been neglected during those hot summer months and they are now starting to look a bit dull. By increasing the frequency of vacuuming using a vacuum cleaner during the winter months will help to remove excess dirt from your carpets and stairs before it has change to settle and be ground in by visitor’s feet!

Why not hire a vacuum cleaner for a professional finish to help you get your home ready for winter, get your carpets looking guest ready for the holidays.


Tip 3: Clean the patio and driveway 

As the winter months start to draw in cleaning your patio and driveway will help to prevent the build-up of mould and grime outside your home, reducing the amount of dirt being trodden into your carpets and floors too.

Clear away the areas to be cleaned remove any garden furniture, plant pots, cars etc, remove leaves and debris with a leaf blower. To ensure your home maintains a welcoming and professional look hiring a pressure washer is quick and versatile way of cleaning your patio and driveway to show off to your friends and family during the festive season.


Tip 4: Clear away leaves  

Are all them fallen leaves making the outside of your home look untidy, a leaf blower is a great way to clear them away quickly and efficiently rather than using a rake by hand.

Keep all windows and door closed, pick up larger materials like twigs before you start, a leaf blower will make it easier for you to keep large outdoor areas tidy and will avoid leaving any surface marks. When you have finished clearing away the leaves why not add them to your compost bin its good for the environment!


Tip 5: Steam clean your upholstery

Is your upholstery looking a bit worn is it time to spruce it up with a winter clean, a steam cleaner will remove any ground in dirt and harmful bacteria, providing fast, deep and hygienic cleaning without the use of chemicals. A steam cleaner is the perfect power tool to deep-clean your couch and other fabric upholstery keeping your fabrics looking fresh.

If you haven’t tried professional steam cleaning to keep your home clean, give it a go today. Clean your couches and chairs ready to settle down to watch your favourite Christmas movies, but remember to always check furniture care instructions for the fabric first before steam cleaning.


Speedy Tip: Keep materials and sharp tools out of children’s / animals reach, wear correct safety PPE equipment and remember to always check the operators and safety guidance before using any hire equipment.


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