Short days, dark evenings and extended shut-downs mean that heightened site security is vital. Speedy have a range of site security equipment to help you stay secure and ensure you Power through Winter.

Keeping your site secure

With a busy site still on the go until the Christmas break, keeping a close eye across the work site and managing the possible risks can be a concern. Ensuring your site is properly secured around the perimeter is vital; our anti-climb fencing and vehicle gates can help keep out potential intruders.

Workers on site need to also consider where to store their tools, do they keep them on site or take them home each night? Our range of site security boxes can keep a variety of items safe, secure and out of sight


Lighting and CCTV- working together

The days are darker and with less daylight to work with, the need for effective and efficient lighting is key to keep a job on track, as well as keep an eye on what dangers lurk in the dark. With dozens of different lighting towers available, you’ll find the right light to keep your site bright and safe, at a cost effective energy usage level too.

An effective tool for combating any potential thefts is CCTV, working with our partner suppliers we can provide a full range of portable standalone lighting and CCTV systems. For a more personal touch, we can also help to arrange manned security teams coupled with the latest in Intruder Detection Systems to help ensure crucial works aren't interrupted during the winter months.

With our wide range of Partnered Services, we can provide the right equipment when you need it, no matter the size.

So whether you need to keep safe this winter or beef up your site security, why not check out our complete range of Site and Security Equipment or call us on 0800 009 6196

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