Building sites can be dangerous places and employees need to work together to keep everyone safe. They will often be working with other people on certain tasks and a worker can endanger the lives of others if they take their mind of the job for even a second. Similarly, if they have not received adequate training when it comes to using lifting equipment or any of the other tools onsite, they could cause a serious accident.

Co-operation is key and there are three main ways detailed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in which individuals can work together to stay safe.

The first is to follow the rules of the site. Health and safety guidance is extremely important and by listening to managers and working in accordance to any rules they set out, employees can help to reduce risks and keep both themselves and others safe.

It is also important for people to discuss any problems that arise when it comes to health and safety. If construction workers notice something is not right, they should alert their manager to the matter immediately and bring it to the attention of other workers. This way, they will be aware of the issue and it can be managed before it escalates or anyone is hurt.

It is important for workers to remember that as well as being responsible for their own safety on a construction site, they are also responsible for the safety of others who are affected by the actions they take. This is why communication and co-ordination are so important. As well as helping to ensure a development is in accordance with the law, workers will be supporting themselves and their manager in a way that benefits everyone involved in the project.

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