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On-site hazards can vary from job to job, and can involve dust, fumes, noise, and water pollution, climate monitoring or preparing for confined space hazards. 

At Speedy, we supply dedicated on-site hazard control equipment to contractors across the UK, offering years of expertise and outstanding service to ensure you hire the right equipment for your job.   

By providing superior health on-site hazard control equipment from dust extractors, fume extractors, noise barriers, ventilation, heating, cooling, centrifugal fans, monitoring to treatment equipment, we believe that we can achieve a world where the impact of site work on life, health and the environment is effectively zero. 

Get in touch with our Custom Solutions Team today, we will work with you to identify the correct on-site hazard control equipment required for site.


• Noise 

• Dust 

• Fumes 

• Exhaust 

• Ventilation 

• Climate 

• Monitoring 

• Confined space 

• Water treatment 


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This is a lightweight portable welding fume filter solution, ideal for the removal and filtration of light to medium weld fumes. With its filter nozzle on a magnetic stand, the Ravex® portable welding filter is highly precise, making it a great solution for small, confined, or difficult to access areas. It is not only quiet, but has a high filter efficiency of 99% to 10μm. This unit is ideal for those who need a portable weld fume filtration unit that is compliant with HSE guidance.  



The Ventex® 200P is a compact centrifugal fan, designed to provide powerful ventilation or extraction in situations which have a low power supply. This makes it ideal for ventilating small areas with limited access, or when used in reverse configuration, the centrifugal fan is ideal for extracting and filtering dust and fumes from a range of tasks. The centrifugal design means the airflow does not pass over the motor, making it suitable for hot, flammable or abrasive applications. 



The DustMaster® Pro has been designed to virtually eliminate dust migration. Simply position the DustMaster® Pro outside of the sealed work area, and run the ducting and capture hood to where the dust is being produced; when the unit is switched on it will achieve an airflow of up to 2500m3/ph (when used with 3 stages of filter media), thereby creating a negative pressure environment, and ensuring zero dust migration outside of the work zone. 



A high-performance acoustic enclosure with internal lighting, a cutting deck and a dust extraction vent. Quickly creating a standalone cutting zone within a site, the Soundex® cutting enclosure has versatile capacity for long lengths of material, thanks to its unique left and right ports. The cutting enclosure also features internal lighting and a cutting deck which is ideal for chopsaws. The unit also has a vent, enabling you to use the unit in conjunction with a Dustex dust extraction and filtration solution - creating an all-in-one dust and noise control solution.



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