A system to help you be COVID-READY in the workplace

SAFE-DISTANCE was developed on a proven system of personal health risk monitors with automatic, safe and resilient data transfer to an intuitive on-line GDPR compliant data analytics.

Over 70,000 individuals have used the wrist worn device for monitoring exposure to harmful vibrations while over 16,000 users have securely accessed the on-line reporting system.

  • Alerts workers if they have strayed to within an unsafe distance of a colleague in real-time
  • Re-purposed industrial grade system (established 2016)
  • Contact tracing between workers to effectively apply isolation protocols in compliance with GDPR
  • Provides corporate ownership of a workplace problem Informs employers of the frequency and severity of breaches of social distancing protocols with GDPR compliant analytics reporting
  • Wrist worn to optimise Bluetooth blind spots