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Speedy offers skip hire nationwide and have a full range of skip sizes and can accommodate all waste types. We also supply related equipment such as skip cradles, lights and locks.

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Frequently asked questions

Your email order confirmation will contain details of the type of waste to be disposed along with the skip size and quantity. Any waste type outside of the agreement will result in additional charge.
You should ensure that any space where the skip is to be delivered has temporary supports to prevent damage from the vehicle delivering and collecting the skip, as well as to prevent any damage caused by the skip itself.
If you do not have a driveway, garden or other private space, you may be able to place a skip on public roads, pavements and pathways. See comments under Are any permits or Licences required.
Skip Licence or Skip Permits may be required if they are going to be delivered and left on the public road / highway or pavement. Rates for permits vary greatly depending on the local authorities. All skips placed on a public highway need to have lights and cones which we can arrange, as long as you provide prior written notice to us. Some local authorities allow skip hire companies to apply for these licences and you will need to ask us for more details.
It varies by Local Authority / Postcode / Region etc. and can be from 2 days up to 21 days. The length of permit will be detailed on the permit when it is issued.
Skips should not completely block the pavement, pathway or any entrance or exit from any building or property. Skips should not be placed within 15m of any junction and so as not to obscure motorists’ vision. Drains and manhole covers should not be covered by a skip. If the skip is placed across yellow lines or is in a pay and display bay, you may need to arrange the temporary suspension of parking laws with the local authority.
Generally the hire period will be between 2 to 4 weeks, which we will confirm to you. The hire period can be increased on request which may incur additional charges if requested after order.
You are responsible for the content of the skip, whether you place the waste in the skip or not. You can use a cover to prevent other people using your skip or you can hire skips with lockable lids. Please ask us for more details.
Yes, VAT will be applied at the current rate, which is 20%.
Additional charges may apply if:
  • you require a permit / licence as detailed above;
  • If the skip is overloaded, contains waste which we have not agreed to collect (including any hazardous waste), damage to the skip, failure to allow the collection of the skip or delay the driver in delivery or collection of the skip.
Please see our terms and conditions for full details of when additional charges may apply here