Thermal Body Temperature System

We can provide thermal body temperature systems to keep your site running safely; identifying employees and visitors whose temperature sits outside your pre-set parameters.

Fixed Option

A non-contact, multi objective, rapid solution that poses no risk to temperature testers. This high quality thermal camera has the best thermal sensitivity available in the market (40mK) and can be used without the necessity for constant monitoring.

It connects to an NVR server to record all the data and makes it easy to generate reports (including face recognition and other AI options).

Built to withstand the tough working conditions of your industry, with a hard shell casing, it is also supported 24/7 by remote experienced engineers.

Portable Option

Our portable option can be set up on a desk/floor tripod, it has a high resolution image and can come pre-configured and tested for Covid-19 temperature parameters.

With a hi/lo temperature alarm, a central point temperature measurement, auto tracking and real-time temperature display.

The device supports SD card and USB import, for PC software for image analysis.