Confined Space High Risk Water

Course Overview

Duration: 3 Days
Max Number of Delegates: 10
Length of Certification: 3 Years
Accreditation: City and Guilds

Who Should Attend?

Anybody who will be working in or at a confined space where the risk assessment has classified the confined space as high risk.


This course will cover the Confined Space Regulations 1997 in detail and the aim of this course will be to provide awareness of a safe working environment within a confined space, and to make staff aware of procedures to ensure a safe entry and exit into a confined space, to have emergency procedures in place in the event of an emergency arising whilst operators are working in the confined space.


  • Carrying out pre-use checks
  • Using self-contained breathing apparatus

This qualification focuses on the delegate’s ability to:

  • Select equipment
  • Check operational condition
  • Don and use compressed air breathing apparatus
  • Effect an emergency evacuation of a confined space wearing breathing apparatus as a part of the planned means of self-rescue
  • Check and carry out user maintenance
  • Follow safe working procedures

This qualification is the use of self-contained breathing apparatus as part of the planned means of self-rescue at NC2, NC3 and NC4 confined space entries.

Training Methods

Lectures, presentation, DVD, PowerPoint, practical exercises in a confined space unit. Hand-outs will include extracts from all current and relevant Health and Safety Legislation.

Delegates attending this course should be 18+ years and be physically and mentally fit to withstand the rigours of training.

These qualifications focus on the delegate’s ability to work as a team member and make confined space entries by demonstrating the ability to:

  • Select, check and deploy equipment
  • Establish a safety zone at the access and aggress point


  • Establish and maintain an appropriate communication system
  • Set out and interpret atmosphere monitors
  • Maintain safe working procedures for the work being done
  • Use compressed air breathing apparatus
  • Follow emergency procedures
  • Provide emergency aid to a non-breathing unconscious casualty
  • Review and understand given risk assessments for confined spaces working
  • Recognise differences in confined spaces classification
  • Assemble staff, inform them of duties, deploy them to tasks
  • Establish and maintain a safety zone around the confined space
  • Determine and establish adequate means of onsite and offsite communications
  • Open the confined space, confirm risk level
  • Perform gas monitoring checks and equipment checks
  • Permit entry as per risk assessed method
  • Recover workers and closes confined space safety
  • Initiate all hygiene procedures
  • Close down safety zone
  • React to emergency situations As per task briefing

Additional Information

It is required that delegates who attend this course and work in confined spaces, using escape
breathing apparatus sets should be physically fit. It is recommended that delegates who attend this
course should have received and passed a breathing apparatus users medical examination prior to
attendance, and be physically fit.

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