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The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) provides skills cards for the plant sector of the Construction Industry. It was launched in 2003 at the request of employers, to help them comply with regulations and requirements, and aims to apply common standards for all plant operators. CPCS covers a large range of plant and plant related categories, and more are continually added


CPCS aims to:
  • Provide identification for plant operators and those involved with plant operations by recognising skills, knowledge and understanding, competence and qualifications
  • Raise health, safety and environment standards through a programme of Health, safety and environment testing to prove workers have met minimum standards
  • Provide standards of learning and assessment to equip individuals with relevant skills and knowledge to seek employment within industry
  • Provide or improve employment prospects for individuals and experienced operators


  • Keep a record of workers in the construction and allied industries who have achieved a recognised level of operating ability and competence, and to provide a means of identification
  • Be self-financing; with any surplus funds being used for the benefit of the construction industry
  • Encourage construction and allied employers to use certificated and competent plant operators
  • Provide certification for UK workers that could be accepted in Europe through agreements with other European national schemes to mutually recognise qualifications


A wide range of construction plant and equipment is covered by CPCS, and new plant and equipment is continually added at the request of the industry.

There are no age requirements for Scheme membership. However, in some cases legislation or company policy regarding the use of plant or equipment may specify different age limits for a specific working environment.

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