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Accreditation: NPORS

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NPORS is one of the UK’s leading accreditation and registration bodies, working across numerous sectors. We focus on more than just plant machinery, offering accreditation across sectors from construction and industrial to agricultural, ports and marine.


Established in 1992, NPORS is one of the UK’s leading accreditation and registration bodies, working across the construction, industrial, utilities, warehousing and distribution, agricultural, ports and marine sectors.

At NPORS, we pride ourselves on the standard of care we offer those who work with us. We always strive to support all aspects of industry development, from enforcing standards to working with industry leaders to further develop and improve them.

NPORS offers flexibility whilst maintaining standards, both nationally and internationally by working with industry and Accredited Training Providers.



At NPORS we pride ourselves on our standards, focussing on quality over novelty.

There is a thorough quality assurance process conducted by trained monitors and auditors.

With a technical team on hand at all times. All monitors/auditors complete regular internal training to ensure that standards are kept high and training up to date with constant improvements. QR code on operator cards which allows anyone checking the validity of an NPORS card to immediately verify that the card is genuine and that the person bearing the card holds the categories stated on the card.

NPORS Operator Training

NPORS training and testing is carried out in line with published course objectives and learning outcomes which are derived from the National Occupational Standards.

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