Winter site security is a real issue for companies who operate outdoors. Building sites and storage yards are prime targets for thieves looking to capitalise on a combination of poor security and long, dark nights. Delays to projects aren’t good for the company, but delays caused by the theft of tools and equipment are even worse leaving the business without vital equipment and even risking losing contracts.

A common mistake at head offices, yards and depots is to rely on the same site security measures all year round which, while adequate for the summer, don’t cut it when it comes to the winter and decreased on-site security presence. While an obvious solution is to invest in new locks and to check the condition of your site    perimeter fencing, there are a number of other options that can help to increase your on-site security this winter.

Tower lights.  A part of the floodlight family,  tower lights  can provide exceptional amounts of light for a site not only to illuminate areas where people are working but also to light up security fences and perimeters to deter thieves. Ranging in height, the number of spotlights per tower and site coverage; we’ve recently expanded our range of LED tower lights ahead of the winter to ensure that all of our customers have ample options to meet requirements and budgets.

Security Cameras and CCTV.  From the main depot to the site itself, Speedy are able to provide complete site security systems that are ideal for permanent or temporary locations. The wireless nature of these innovative security systems makes them perfect for construction sites, with the rapid deployment CCTV cameras requiring no wires, letting off no noise at all and recording footage to catch potential thieves in the act. For a more permanent solution we offer a range of wireless alarms, security cameras and CCTV systems, even including an analysis and recommendation service to ensure that all customers get the best and most effective security systems for their site.

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