Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - D6.6m (D12)

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - D6.6m (D12)

Product Code: 09/0070-h

The GD ladder range is designed for general duty use ideal for DIYers, combining everything that is important in a general duty ladder: Certified to BS2037 Class 1. Now fitted with the new comfortable D-shaped rung and solid moulded rubber feet at both ends. A cost effective alternative to the heavy duty range, these ladders are easy to handle yet incredibly rigid in relation to weight.

Features and Benefits
  • Heavy duty aluminium rope or push-up ladders, highest grade with maximum vertical load of 175kg. Unique anti-twist rung joints.
Closed Height 3.43m
Extended Height: mm 6.2m
Product Model GD235
Safe Working Load 175kg
Weight 15kg
Working Height 6.6m
Product Comparison
Product Name Closed Height Extended Height: mm Product Model Safe Working Load Weight Working Height No. of Rungs Class Safe Working Height Price
Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - D6.6m (D12) 3.43m 6.2m GD235 175kg 15kg 6.6m N/A N/A N/A

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - D8.8m (D16) 4.43m 8.2m GD245 N/A 25.9kg 8.8m 17 N/A N/A

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - T7.9m 2.93m 7.46m GT330 130kg 27.7kg N/A N/A BS 2037 Class 1 7.71m

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - T9.3m 3.43m 8.96m GT335 N/A 33.6kg 9.3m 13 N/A N/A

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - T10.7m 3.93m 10.46m GT340 N/A 42.2kg 10.7m 15 N/A N/A

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