Nuclear Power

The world is facing ambitious sustainability and renewable energy targets, with an aim for the UK to be net zero by 2050. As we approach this goal, nuclear power is crucial to the strategy.

Speedy Hire has expanded into the nuclear sector to support this work. As a trusted partner of tier-one contractors at the forefront of nuclear projects, such as Hinkley Point C and Sellafield, Speedy has evolved from a tool hire provider to an essential partner in the nuclear industry’s pursuit of sustainability.

Delivering these projects while upholding strict health, safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility has been vital. The challenges are very different to those of a typical construction site. The dedicated Speedy Hire nuclear team is devoted to ensuring our equipment meets site-specific standards and meets what is expected of the partnership.

Nuclear power is essential for the UK to meet its net-zero targets while maintaining energy demand. Speedy is well placed to support these targets with our own ESG initiatives, and ability to source and provide the relevant kit.

As we continue to expand our nuclear portfolio, Speedy is not only a trusted partner for tool hire and specialist equipment but also for building a sustainable, net-zero future aligned with our own ESG targets.

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