We have endeavoured to make this site usable and accessible. This helps all visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily

Structured, semantic mark-up

The HTML has been written in a way that describes the content it contains. So, headings all appear in heading tags such as H1, H2 etc. Paragraphs use P tags and so on.

As an extra aid the navigation in the site has been built using HTML lists, making it quick and easy for all users to understand.


Where images are used to convey meaning then a descriptive ALT text attribute has been added to ensure that none visual users still get the information.


The use of javascript on the site do not affect accessibility because it mainly enhances the user experience (like partial rendering with AJAX calls) or is purely cosmetic.

Standards compliance

The Speedy Services website is designed to conform to UK Government and W3C guidelines. It also meets US Government accessibility guidelines (Section 508).