Dust Buster

Dust Buster

Product Code: 13/0139-h

The Dustbuster is a self-sufficient package used to suppress dust at source. Including a long running pump, large water tank and 35m hose, the Dustbuster ensures the user is safely protected for the entirety of their shift. The unit also includes a lockable storage cabinet for saws.

Innovation Intelligent safety Green Option

Features and Benefits
  • Attaches directly to power tools
  • Removes dust at source
  • Large maneuverable wheels

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Airflow 61ltr/sec
Capacity 105ltr
Height 1.15m
Hose Length: m 35m
Length 1.35m
Weight Unladen: 100kg / Laden: 205kg
Width 760mm

Don't Forget:

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Don’t forget your fuel
Don’t forget your consumables
Always use the correct PPE