Macdonald U5-VR Five Headed Scabbler 111kg
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Macdonald U5-VR Five Headed Scabbler 111kg

Product Code: 19/0370-h

The five headed scabbler is designed to roughen the surface on concrete and ideal for keying concrete prior to the next pour or for concrete removal. Equipped with a cushioned ergonomic handle that reduces the operator exposure to hand arm vibration.

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Features and Benefits
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Low vibration levels
  • 6,000 blows per minute
  • Scabbling rate of 21sq Mtrs/Hr at a depth of 4mm
  • Built in oil reservoir
Consumption: CFM 150
Length: mm 1,000
Max. Pressure: PSI 90
Product Brand Macdonald
Product Model U5-VR
Sound Power Level: Lw dB[A] 107
Vibration Reading [HAVs]: m\s² 4.5
Weight: kg 111
Product Comparison
Product Name Consumption: CFM Length: mm Max. Pressure: PSI Product Brand Product Model Vibration Reading [HAVs]: m\s² Weight: kg Width: mm Sound Power Level: Lw dB[A] Price
Macdonald S1VR Single Head Scabbler 3.5kg 5 635 90 Macdonald S1VR 3.8 3.5 20 N/A

£34.65 / week

Macdonald MSG3-VR Triple Head Scabbler 4.5kg 25 635 90 Macdonald MSG3-VR 4.8 4.5 95 105

£44.00 / week

Macdonald 1UF-VRT Pole Scabbler 16.5Kg 25 1,320 90 Macdonald 1UF-VRT 5 16.5 56 105

£53.35 / week

Macdonald U5-VR Five Headed Scabbler 111kg 150 1,000 90 Macdonald U5-VR 4.5 111 N/A 107

£156.75 / week

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