Leica NA720 Automatic Level

Leica NA720 Automatic Level

Product Code: 24/0342-h

Leica NA720 Automatic Level. Suitable for builders and general construction work. Comes complete with aluminium tripod and 5 section staff.

Environmental Information ISO 9022-33-5
Weight 1.6kg
Height 120mm
Width 120mm
Temperature Range Operation: -20 To +50degC Storage: -40 to +70degC
Magnification 20x
Gas Filled Telescope Yes
Working Range -/+ 15ft
Angle Measurement 360deg / 400 gon, Selectable
Distance Measurement Multiplication factor: 100 / Additive constant: 0
IP Ratings IP57
Length 190mm
Accuracy [standard deviation] per km double-run: 2.5mm / single meas. with 30m target dist: 1.5mm
Basic Levelling and Setting Out Work on the Construction site Yes
Telescope Image Upright
Routine Levelling for the Construction of Roads, Railways, Pipelines etc Yes
Marketing Message Hire Rate per Week
Shortest Focusing Distance 500mm
Circular Bubble 10ft / 2mm
Focus Drive rough
Horizontal Drive both sides, endless
Setting Accuracy <0.5in
Diameter Of Objective 30mm

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