Leica Viva GS15 RTK Rover Receiver 12v DC 3.3Kg

Leica Viva GS15 RTK Rover Receiver 12v DC 3.3Kg

Product Code: 24/4565-h

The simple yet powerful and versatile Leica Viva hardware and software innovations are redefining state-of-the-art technology to deliver maximum performance and productivity.

Features and Benefits
  • • Internal Data Storage • Vibration • Drops • Functional shock • Topple over • Internal power supply • Internal power supply, operation time • Data capacity • Type of data • ON / OFF Buttons • Button functionality, Function button • Led status indicator • Additional user interface • Communication ports • No. of simultaneous data links • Radio modems • UHF antenna options • 3G GSM / UMTS(HSDPA) phone Modem • CDMA phone modem • GSM / UMTS / CDMA antenna options • Landline phone modems • Real-Time data formats for data transmission and reception • Real-Time data formats according RTCM standard for data transmission and reception • NMEA output
Diameter: mm 196
Frequency: Hz 20
Height: mm 198
Humidity: % 100
IP Ratings IP67
Operating Temperature: °C -40 to +65
Product Brand Leica
Product Model GS15
Storage Temperature: °C -40 to +80
Weight: kg 1.34 (3.30 Inc: RTK Device, Controller, Batteries Pole and Bracket)

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