ECAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool

ECAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool

Product Code: 24/5355-h

Combining the features of other CAT4 models, the Radiodetection eCAT4+ is the cable avoidance tool that does it all. The data logging feature allows you to store up to 2GB of usage data and easily backup to PC while the SWING warning alerts the operator of incorrect usage and stores this information in your log. With the service due indicator, it's easy to see when your next service is due so that you can work safely and the eCAT4+ also comes with depth estimation to help you ascertain the depth of buried utilities.

Features and Benefits
  • 3 separate detection modes, plus combination Avoidance Mode™. Additional Small Diameter Locate frequency. Dynamic Overload Protection. StrikeAlert™ detection of shallow cables option to be specified at time of order. Logging of usage data. Depth estimation. Swing warning to warn operators of incorrect usage. Service Due indicator. eCert™ remote calibration validation via the internet
Weight 2.2kg (with batteries)
Model ECAT4+
Signal Generator Genny Genny4
Radio Mode Metallic Services 2m
Generator Mode 4m
Strike Alert Function Yes
Signal Generator Induction Range >300m
Signal Generator Connection Range >500m
Depth Measurement Function Accuracy = ±10% of depth
Visual Indication LCD screen
Sensitivity Manual
Network Rail Approved Yes
Power Supply Locator, Battery 2 x D
Datalogging Yes
Power Mode 3m
Instructional DVD Yes
Plastic Utilities polypropylene PPE Yes with sonde/mouse (ordered separately)
Certificated Training POA Yes
Bluetooth No
Integrated GPS Location No
Display LCD
Keypad Electronic
Direction Compass No
Number of Frequencies 4
Line Depth 2m
Sonde depth 7m
Service Reminder Yes
Diagnostic Check Yes with laptop connection
Peak Hold Yes
Default Mode Last mode used
Signal Strength Indicator Yes
Current Measurement No
User Initiated Countdown Timer No

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Always use the correct PPE