Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Web

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Web

Product Code: 25/2535-h

A simple to install webbing system that can span between fixed anchorage points and provide a safe horizontal anchorage for up to two users. For construction and other applications Stanchions are also available to provide single or multi-span protection. Simply run lines between stanchions and use a ‘Y’ type lanyard to remain attached at all times.

Features and Benefits
  • 25mm low stretch polyester webbing with wear indicator. Simple to install via ratchet style tensioner. Record style bag keeps equipment protected. Carbon steel zinc plated ratchet.
Capacity 200kg (100kg per user)
Length 20m
Number of Users 2
Product Model HLL1W
Safe Working Load 2 people
Weight 1.3kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Capacity Length Number of Users Product Model Safe Working Load Weight Price
Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Web 200kg (100kg per user) 10m 2 N/A N/A N/A

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Web 200kg (100kg per user) 20m 2 HLL1W 2 people 1.3kg

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Rope 400kg (100kg per user) 25m 4 HLL1W25 4 people N/A

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline EZ Line 282kg (141kg per user) 18m 2 7605061 2 persons 11.25kg

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