Dual Clipper Cd400Sp

Dual Clipper Cd400Sp

Product Code: 35/0793-h

The Clip Driver CD400SP is a walk-behind machine when clipping and declipping clips of the following types: PANDROL FASTCLIP, PANDROL e-CLIPs, PANDROL PR-clips (PR400 series) and Heyback (clipping), depending on the choice of tool. The power pack can be removed when the CD400 is to be used as a conventional machine with a carrier. CD400SP is self-propelled with a high-performance Diesel engine, and easy for a single operator to operate via a control panel. From the handheld control panel the operator controls the functions of the Clip Driver CD400 Power Pack e.g. speed, clipping and declipping. The clipping capacity is approximately 25 sleepers per minute.

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Weight Machine 134kg Trolley 46kg
Width 2.1m
Decibel Reading dB[A] 83db(A)
Length 3.15m
Fuel Diesel
Weight Dry 2890kg
Electrical System 24V
Diesel Tank Capacity 70ltr
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 70ltr
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