Beam Trolley 10t 160-305mm

Beam Trolley 10t 160-305mm

Product Code: 70/5572-h

Provides a suspension point that can be moved along the length of any suitably tested beam.

Beam Width 160-305mm
Safe Working Load 10t
Product Comparison
Product Name Beam Width Dimensions Product Model Safe Working Load Price
Beam Trolley Heavy Duty SWL 1T 75-210mm 75-210mm 75-210mm Apt0100 1t

Beam Trolley Heavy Duty SWL 2T 75-210mm 75-210mm 75-210mm Apt-0200 2t

Beam Trolley Heavy Duty SWL 3T 75-210mm 75-210mm 75-210mm Apt-0300 3t

Beam Trolley Heavy Duty SWL 6T 105-305mm 105-305mm 105-305mm Apt0600 6t

Beam Trolley 10t 160-305mm 160-305mm N/A N/A 10t

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