Boat Skip - 1000ltr 2t SWL

Boat Skip - 1000ltr 2t SWL

Product Code: 71/5465-h

General muck and waste removal skips. The low loading height and drop down bale arm makes fitting easy. Designed with a drop hanger, hook ring and latch for automatic emptying.

Capacity 1000ltr
Height 650mm (1.79m inc. bale arm)
Length 1.97m (2.17m inc. bale arm)
Product Model CA108-1000 - 2+ QUANTITY
Safe Working Load 2t
Weight 275kg
Width 1.62m
Product Comparison
Product Name Capacity Height Length Product Model Safe Working Load Weight Width Price
Boat Skip - 500ltr 1t SWL 500ltr 540mm (1.35m inc. bale arm) 1.42m (1.81m inc. bale arm) CA108-500 - 3+ QUANTITY 1t 130kg 1.32m

Boat Skip - 1000ltr 2t SWL 1000ltr 650mm (1.79m inc. bale arm) 1.97m (2.17m inc. bale arm) CA108-1000 - 2+ QUANTITY 2t 275kg 1.62m

Boat Skip - 1500ltr 3t SWL 1500ltr 910mm (1.97m inc. Bale arm) 2.2m (1.99m inc. Bale arm) CA108-1500 3t 425kg 1.62m

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