Roll Forward Tipping Skip 750ltr 1.5t SWL

Roll Forward Tipping Skip 750ltr 1.5t SWL

Product Code: 71/5510-h

Tipping skips attach to the forklift truck to remove waste and rubbish easily. Heavy duty design to meet rigorous site conditions. Four way entry, strong lever tipping mechanism, lock and chain to prevent slipping. Other capacities are available.

Weight 200kg
Safe Working Load 1.5t
Model FA803-750 - 3+ QUANTITY
Capacity 750ltr
Height 1.05m
Width 1.2m
Length 1.42m
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Capacity Height Width Length Price
Roll Forward Tipping Skip 500ltr 1t SWL 180kg 1t 500ltr 1.05m 1.01m 1.42m

Roll Forward Tipping Skip 750ltr 1.5t SWL 200kg 1.5t 750ltr 1.05m 1.2m 1.42m

Roll Forward Skip 1200ltr 2t SWL 300kg 2t 1200ltr 1.25m 1.4m 1.82m

Roll Forward Skip 1500ltr 2.5t SWL 330kg 2.5t 1500ltr 1.25m 1.56m 1.82m

Bottom Release Skip 1000ltr 215kg 2t 1000ltr 1.15m 1.3m 1.04m

Bottom Release Skip 1500ltr 1.5t SWL N/A 3t 1500ltr 1.15m 1.9m 1.04m

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