Pallet Truck Hi-Lift Electric 1t SWL

Pallet Truck Hi-Lift Electric 1t SWL

Product Code: 71/5777-h

Series HX10 - thi series, besides having characteristics such as stability and versatility, also allows lifting of weights to a height of 800mm creating a useful adjustable working platformsuitable for places such as workshops. It is available also an optional forks auto leveling system.

Weight 150kg
Safe Working Load 1t
Model GT042000
Overall Length 1.53m
Fork Length 1150mm
Fork Width 540mm
HOL 800mm
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Width Overall Length Fork Length Fork Width HOL Price
Pallet Truck Hi-Lift Manual 1t SWL 110kg 1t 540mm 1.54m 1150mm 540mm 800mm

Pallet Truck Hi-Lift Electric 1t SWL 150kg 1t N/A 1.53m 1150mm 540mm 800mm

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