Round Sling R5 - 5t SWL - 2m

Round Sling R5 - 5t SWL - 2m

Product Code: 72/6760-h

Manufactured to EN1492-2:2000 from high tenacity polyester yarn encased in a Colour coded tubular sleeve of durable woven polyester fabric.

Features and Benefits
  • High strength to weight ratio, Easily examined, Absorbs shock loads, Will not damage the surface of the material being lifted
Colour Red
EWL 2m
Product Model ROUND
Safe Working Load 5t
Standard Length Range 2m to 20m
Product Comparison
Product Name Colour EWL Product Model Safe Working Load Standard Length Range Width Price
Round Sling R1 - 1t SWL - 1m Purple 1m ROUND 1t 1m to 20m N/A

Round Sling R2 - 2t SWL - 1m Green 1m ROUND 2t 1m to 20m N/A

Round Sling R3 - 3t SWL - 1m Yellow 1m ROUND 3t 1m to 20m N/A

Round Sling R5 - 5t SWL - 2m Red 2m ROUND 5t 2m to 20m N/A

Round Sling R10 - 10t SWL - 2m N/A 2m R10-10-2 10t 2m to 20m 110mm

Round Sling R20 - 20t SWL - 2m N/A 2m R20-20-2 20t 2m to 20m 152mm

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