GP Cylinder 50t SWL 320mm Stroke 429mm Closed Height

GP Cylinder 50t SWL 320mm Stroke 429mm Closed Height

Product Code: 74/5130-h

Provides an excellent choice for maintenance, production, fabrication and construction applications. Provided with a collar thread and thread protector, cylinder base and piston rod mountings for easy fixturing.

Features and Benefits
  • Spring assisted return. Nitrocarburised piston rod. Low friction bearing surfaces. Anti-extrusion seals. Collar threads withstand full load. Collar thread protector supplied as standard.
Closed Height 429mm
Oil Capacity 2354cm³
Product Model HSS5013
Safe Working Load 50t
Stroke Upto 330mm
Weight 33.6kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Closed Height Product Model Safe Working Load Stroke Upto Oil Capacity Weight Price
GP Cylinder 10t SWL 350mm Stroke 458mm Closed Height 458mm HSS1014 10t 350mm N/A N/A

General Purpose Cylinder 14.5t SWL 50mm Stroke 154mm HSS152 14.5t 50mm 101cm³ 3.4kg

General Purpose Cylinder 14.5t SWL 100mm Stroke 204mm HS154 14.5t 100mm 203cm³ 5kg

General Purpose Cylinder 14.5t SWL 150mm Stroke 254mm HSS156 14.5t 150mm 304cm³ 6.6kg

General Purpose Cylinder 14.5t SWL 254mm Stroke 354mm HSS1510 14.5t 250mm 507cm³ 88kg

GP Cylinder 25t SWL 51mm Stroke 174mm Closed Height 174mm HSS252 25t 51mm 178cm³ 6.5kg

GP Cylinder 25t SWL 102mm Stroke 225mm Closed Height 225mm HSS254 25t 102mm 356cm³ 8kg

GP Cylinder 25t SWL 250mm Stroke 374mm Closed Height 374mm HSS2510 25t 250mm 874cm³ 12.6kg

GP Cylinder 29t SWL 205mm Stroke 374mm Closed Height 374mm HSS308 29t 205mm 860cm³ 18.6kg

GP Cylinder 50t SWL 51mm Stroke 150mm Closed Height 150mm HSS502 50t 51mm 364cm³ 13kg

GP Cylinder 50t SWL 102mm Stroke 201mm Closed Height 201mm HSS504 50t 102mm 728cm³ 16.8kg

GP Cylinder 50t SWL 152mm Stroke 251mm Closed Height 251mm HSS506 50t 152mm 1084cm³ 20kg

GP Cylinder 50t SWL 320mm Stroke 429mm Closed Height 429mm HSS5013 50t 330mm 2354cm³ 33.6kg

GP Cylinder 73t SWL 152mm Stroke 272mm Closed Height 272mm HSS756 73t 152mm 1561cm³ 31kg

GP Cylinder 109t SWL 102mm Stroke 223mm Closed Height 223mm HSS1004 109t 102mm 1565cm³ 223kg

GP Cylinder 109t SWL 153mm Stroke 274mm Closed Height 274mm HSS1006 109t 153mm 2347cm³ 49.8kg

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 25mm Stroke 107mm Closed Height 107mm HSS51 4.5t 25mm 16cm³ 1kg

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 50mm Stroke 132mm Closed Height 132mm HSS52 4.5t 50mm 32cm³ 1.2kg

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 75mm Stroke 157mm Closed Height 157mm HSS53 4.5t 75mm 48cm³ 1.4kg

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 125mm Stroke 207 mm Closed Height 207mm HSS55 4.5t 125mm 80cm³ 1.8kg

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 176mm Stroke 258mm Closed Height 258mm HSS57 4.5t 176mm 113cm³ 2kg

GP Cylinder 4.5t SWL 227mm Stroke 308mm Closed Height 308mm HSS59 4.5t 227mm 146cm³ 2.4kg

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 25mm Stroke 100mm Closed Height 100mm HSS101 10t 25mm 36cm³ 1.8kg

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 56mm Stroke 131mm Closed Height 131mm HSS102 10t 56mm 81cm³ 2.4kg

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 100mm Stroke 175mm Closed Height 175mm HSS104 10t 100mm 144cm³ 3kg

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 150mm Stroke 225mm Closed Height 225mm HSS106 10t 150mm 217cm³ 4.2kg

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 206mm Stroke 281mm Closed Height 281mm HSS108 10t 206mm 297cm³ 5kg

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 250mm Stroke 325mm Closed Height 325mm HSS1010 10t 250mm 361cm³ 5.4kg

GP Cylinder 10t SWL 305mm Stroke 379mm Closed Height 379mm HSS1012 10t 305mm 440cm³ 6.2kg

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