Rope Block 3t SWL

Rope Block 3t SWL

Product Code: 75/6070-h

Rope Block 3t SWL

Features and Benefits
  • Oilfield and marine operations. These Blocks are of proven and trusted design, and include R clip hinge pin retention (as specified by many oilfield production companies).
Weight 6kg
Safe Working Load 3t
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Number of Sheaves Price
Rope Block 2t SWL 3.5kg 2t N/A

Rope Block 3t SWL 6kg 3t N/A

Rope Block 5t SWL 8kg 5t N/A

Multi Sheave Block 3t SWL N/A 3t multi

Multi Sheave Block 5t SWL N/A 5t N/A

Multi Sheave Block 10t SWL N/A 10t multi

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