Chain Sling G10 WLL 1t 5mm 1 leg 3m Safety hk Grab

Chain Sling G10 WLL 1t 5mm 1 leg 3m Safety hk Grab

Product Code: C10041020A-s

At Speedy we take great pride in offering our customers an unrivalled range of high quality products to suit many construction, industrial and engineering applications. Chain slings are available in various grades and are fully certified to comply with current lifting legislation within the UK and European Union. Including the Machinery (safety) directives, Loler and Puwer. Most chains slings are supplied in single, two, three and four leg configurations, with a range of bottom hooks or fittings and most systems have shortening devices for equal load distribution.


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Diameter 5mm
Grade 10
WLL 1t
EWL 3m
Legs 1
Hook Safety hk
Shortener Grab

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