DIY Bathroom Ideas 

When it comes to designing your dream bathroom, we all need a little bit of inspiration from time to time. We’ve got some great bathroom ideas for you here at Speedy Services, so why not read our bathrooms ideas guide to find out how we can help bring out the inner DIY bathroom designer in you.

We also have an amazing range of decorating tools available for hire to help you along the way from, floor sanders to bring your wooden floors back to life to paint sprayers to bring a fresh colour to your walls and doors helping you to turn your bathroom ideas into a reality.


What tools do I need? 

What Safety and PPE equipment do I need?   

Keep materials and sharp tools out of children’s / animals reach, wear correct safety PPE equipment and remember to always check the operators and safety guidance before using any hire equipment. 


DIY Bathroom Inspiration Ideas    

Idea 1: Paint your wooden floor 

If your bathroom has a wooden floor, painting it is a great way to make the floor space feel like new again, but before you start painting prepare your floorboards first by sanding them down and washing them to remove any dust. 

Using a floor sander and a floor edge sander will save you time rather than sanding the floor by hand, remember when choosing your paint, a light colour will make the bathroom feel bigger whilst a darker colour will make the room feel cosier.

Speedy Services range of floor sanders and floor edge sanders are all available to hire online, power tool hire has never been easier.

Idea 2: Create a feature wall  

If you have limited time or budget to renovate your entire bathroom, why not create a feature wall instead either using a striking wallpaper design or if you are feeling very creative use tiles to make a pattern, ombre design or mix and match tiles to make an immediate impression.

Tile cutters are ideal for cutting tiles to fit your new bathroom design, a featured tile wall will make a unique focus point for your bathroom and a great talking point for visitors.

Speedy Services range of tile cutters are all available to hire online, tool hire has never been easier.


Idea 3: Refresh your walls and doors 

Refresh your walls and doors with a fresh colour of paint or combine two different colours for a unique effect, painting is a great and quick way to update your bathroom colour scheme and design. 

Using a paint sprayer will save you time proving a smooth and even finish adding a new splash of colour to your new bathroom design for you to enjoy and accessorise.
Speedy Services range of paint sprayers are all available to hire online, power tool hire has never been easier.

Idea 4: Add stylish accessories   

Adding stylish accessories to your bathroom can bring a hint of glamour to your new bathroom design adding a new funky shower curtain can make a big impact.  Other accessories can include bathmats, a new soap dispenser, storage baskets and even a trendy new toilet roll holder can make a difference. With plenty of designs and colours to choose from including spots, stripes and metallic creating a new theme in the room and making a few changes can make a big style difference to your bathroom.

Is there power tool hire near me?

Yes, Speedy Services the UK's leading tool hire company have a range of power tools available for hire nationwide, with various delivery and collection options available at affordable prices, power tool hire as never been easier.

You’ll find all the tools you need right here, why not start planning your next DIY project and open a Speedy account today online and instore.

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