Manual handling injuries affect people in many industries including engineers, caterers and office workers but particularly site operatives.

That is why we refer to this as a ‘manual handling’ problem rather than a ‘lifting’ problem.

Another ‘uncomfortable truth’ is that injury sustained at work can seriously affect your home and social life too.

  • Construction accounts for about 5% of employees in the UK but also for 31% of UK fatal accidents.
  • 44% of handling injuries are back related.
  • Across the construction industry as a whole: an estimated 2.3 million working days were lost in 2013/14.
  • According to the HSE in 2013/14 an estimated 909,000 working days were lost due to handling injuries.
  • This HSE statistics break down to show that an average of 6.6 days were lost for each manual handling injury.
  • The HSE further states that manual handling causes over a third of all workplace injuries.
  • In fact their studies show that back pain caused by manual handling incidents is currently affecting one million people a year and costing society £5.7 billion.

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