Folding Platform - 2.8m Handrail Height

Folding Platform - 2.8m Handrail Height

Product Code: MATE-h

Easy to assemble, folding system providing a fast, effective, stable work platform for interior decorating and maintenance works. 600mm wide non slip deck

Weight 90kg
Working Height 3.8m
Model 321514
Width 0.7m
Platform Height 1.8m max
Handrail Height 2.8m
Length 1.8m
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Working Height Width Platform Height Handrail Height Length Price
Folding Platform - 2.8m Handrail Height 90kg 3.8m 0.7m 1.8m max 2.8m 1.8m

Folding Platform - 1.8m Handrail Height 63kg 2.8m 0.7m 0.8m max 1.8m 1.8m

Folding Platform - 3.55m Handrail Height 142kg 4.5m 0.7m 2.5m max 3.5m 1.8m

Folding Platform - 4.55m Handrail Height 161kg 5.5m 0.7m 3.5m max 4.5m 1.8m

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