Speedy’s Decade to Deliver

The following 10 years are going to define the next 100 years. While hire is a naturally greener business model compared to purchasing specialist equipment and tools, Speedy is aiming to deliver greener hire to all.

Making hire even greener involves ensuring the hire process, as well as the services, solutions, and equipment which make hiring possible, are all as sustainable as possible.

Every project needs to be sustainable, whether big or small. For householders and DIYers, tools often spend too long in sheds and garages, unused. For larger construction giants and local companies, choosing greener alternatives can result in being awarded contracts, and taking a community-first approach.


Speedy Hire can’t do this alone. So, we will work with customers, suppliers, and communities to make a difference. We want to lead a revolution—and the sooner that’s done, the sooner our decade of sustainable hire is complete.


Our new ECO Guide is now out, featuring all of our ECO products available to hire or buy from Speedy Hire. View below:



Our Product Ranges

Milwaukee MX Fuel™

All the power of their corded and petrol light equipment, but with zero tailpipe emissions. This allows the user to reduce their carbon footprint and improve health and safety for those on site and in the local community.

Equipment can be used indoors, in tunnels, and mines without petrol headaches and the need for prolonged health breaks. This increases productivity and shortens work time. Save time by avoiding the need for refuelling, maintenance, and start-up.

Governments are pushing for lower emissions, with zero-emission worksites potentially around the corner. MX Fuel™ takes you one step closer to greener, safer solutions.




NiftyLift’s Hydrogen-Powered Boom

The HR15H2E Narrow Articulated Boom from NiftyLift is innovative, representing a huge step forward for greener working-at-height solutions.

No fossil fuels. No noise pollution. No costly operations. Instead, the HR15H2E has zero tailpipe emissions, producing only water vapour and heat rather than CO2 and nitrogen oxides.

It’ll save money on fuel costs and ongoing maintenance and is quiet. This makes it the ideal boom for working in urban areas and indoors, as well as remote locations where power supplies are hard to come by.


HIRE THE NiftyLift HR15H2E


Our Cordless range

Cordless technology means no fuel is needed. It also reduces hazards such as wires on site.

We stock cordless power tools from brands such as Hilti, Milwaukee, and Makita. We continue to invest in our cordless, battery-powered range and work with suppliers who have innovated the industry and continue to make huge changes to their own product fleet.

With Milwaukee, we introduced the innovative red lithium-ion battery technology to our cordless range. From impact drivers and drills, to angle grinders, cut-off saws, and even plate compactors and concrete mixers, our cordless range continues to grow.

We now have cordless options in most of our product ranges, offering the same levels of power as their corded or fuel alternatives.


LowPro Trench Cover System & Site Works

Working in partnership with Oxford Plastics, we are working to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain.

The LowPro 23/05 Road Plate gives users a 79% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to using traditional steel plates, covering a 6m road width. They’re liftable by man, reducing the need for specialist lifting equipment, and are compact for easier transportation and storage.

At just 65kg per unit as opposed to 500kg steel plates, they’re safer to use and the plates don’t bounce when driven over. Tarmac ramps aren’t needed, nor is resurfacing every 6 months.

Oxford Plastics has increased the content and use of recycled plastics, both as source materials and by recycling end-of-life products. The products can be ethically reused or recycled, rather than disposed of.

This focus on recyclability, transportability, repairability, and durability minimises CO2e as a lifetime benefit to the end user.


HIRE THE LowPro 23/05 Road Plate


Fuel Solutions

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuel is renewable and produced from vegetable fats and oils. Hydrogen is used as a catalyst in production, rather than methanol used in the production of regular biodiesel.

These vegetable fats and oils include:

  • Food industry animal and fish fat waste
  • Used cooking oil
  • Technical corn oil
  • Tail oil pitch
  • Residues from vegetable oil processing

This is all material that exists in the world before producing our HVO fuel. Therefore, we are minimising waste produced elsewhere. Green D+ HVO fuel is Speedy Hire’s standard low-emission fuel, for use in Speedy Hire equipment.


Speedy Hire HVO Fuel


It delivers the same performance as regular diesel, but with a 90% reduction in harmful emissions and safer handling, is much cleaner and greener to use.

HVO fuel offers better fuel stability, competitive prices, and odourless use, versus traditional fuel.

If you use fuel on-site, Speedy can help provide HVO fuel as standard. Speedy Hire’s fPods, from Western Global, offer secure on-site storage of fuel, and we can supply and manage your fuel requirements on your behalf.

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