Eurovision Party Ideas

It's finally here time for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest live from Malmo, Sweden.

The First Semi-Final show takes place today, the Second Semi-Final on Thursday 9th May and the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 grand final will be on Saturday 11th May.

So, if you’re an avid Eurovision fan, it's time to get ready for the event and party with your family and friends.

Speedy has put together top 6 Eurovision party ideas below.


Throw the Ultimate Eurovision Watch Party


  1. Decorate with flags

Bunting with flags from all of the European countries in the running is an essential part of the décor.

To help hang your decorations, Speedy offers a wide range of access equipment, available to hire, that is easy to assemble and help keep you safe when working at height.

Choose from a selection of low-level access platforms, ladders and One-Man Access Mi Towers, always follow manufacturers operating instructions and wear the correct PPE.

Then, all that is left to do is get some disco balls, novelty glasses and scoring paddles, and give the floor and seating a final vacuum before your guests start to arrive!


  1. Cook up some Eurovision party food

Pizza for Italy, and fondue for Switzerland. Halloumi fries for Cyprus, and fish & chips for the UK. 

If you want to make a full sit-down meal rather than a buffet, or be brave and try something that you’ve never made before, European countries all have their most popular cuisines.

It is a great way to try something new, or you could narrow it down to just making food from countries you think have a chance of winning on the night.

If you’re hosting, why not give your guests a country each, and they have to bring a cuisine from there?


  1. Move it outdoors

Why not move your Eurovision party outside? The weather should be a bit nicer, and the evenings clearer, by May.

The week before, hire a pressure washer to clean your patio flagstones or decking, and also give any outdoor furniture a clean, too – it is probably looking a bit grimy from all that damp winter weather.

You might also need to cut your grass if it is the first time it is being used this year.


  1. Get powered up

Moving your TV into the conservatory so you have more space for all your guests? Maybe you also need to get your music system on the go to keep everyone awake during that little lull during the voting.

Hire an extension lead to ensure everything can run smoothly. Be generous with the length you hire, as you want all wires to be tucked out of the way and to be able to place things where needed.

An extension lead can also be used if you’re going to be having a garden party and will be projecting the event onto a big screen, or you can use a generator if you don’t want wires running to the house.

And even though the sun will set around 9pm by May, you may still want to hire some portable lighting to keep the party going into the night!


  1. Pick a party game

A game of Eurovision bingo will keep everyone entertained throughout what can be a pretty long show.

There’s plenty to print out online, or you can make your own to dish out. Or give everyone a bingo sheet, and they can fill out things they think will happen. Some ideas:

  • A ballad
  • Nil points
  • Wind machine
  • A long note held for over 10 seconds
  • The UK gets 12 points from someone
  • The points announcer thanks the host country for a lovely evening


If you want to keep it simple, a Eurovision Quiz  “Which country am I?”- is a great idea to play in the ad breaks.


  1. Fancy dress

Every guest gets a country, and then has to dress in the traditional wear. From a union jack dress to an Austrian Oktoberfest dress, or Spanish flamenco dress/bullfighter costume, there’s plenty of options.

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