While many larger building companies will have all the equipment they need to successfully carry out a project that involves working with concrete, other smaller firms may need to hire products.

Speedy's tool hire service has several items of equipment that can help with this type of work, including Concrete Geared Twinflow Skips, which come in several different sizes - 500l, 1,000l and 1,500l.

To ensure workers do not injure themselves while carrying heavy concrete slabs or fitting them into place, Speedy has the Slab Lifter Vacuum Mini B, which helps with the efficient and safe handling of heavy loads of up to 1,000kg. These include granite, marble and concrete slabs, steps, pipes and kerb stones.

As well as lifting equipment, we also offer specialist services to ensure safety at all times on a building site. Speedy will come and assess your site, looking at ways in which risks can be reduced and managed. This will help you to remain compliant at all times.

Furthermore, we work with government bodies on our accident investigation services to analyse any incidents that do happen to establish the cause and come up with long-term solutions.

Safety is paramount on a building site and by following this advice, you can ensure any projects that involve working with concrete and cement go off without a hitch.

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