What you need to know and how Speedy can help:

The UK Government has recently announced changes to the rules for Red marked fuels, more commonly known as red diesel or gas oil, but also including biofuels.

From 1st April 2022 the majority of Speedy fuel customers will no longer be able to use rebated red marked fuels to power their plant and equipment. The allowable use of red marked fuels continues only in the following industries and purposes:

• Agriculture

• Horticulture

• Fish farming

• Forestry

• Heating and power for non-commercial purposes

• Community amateur sports clubs and golf courses

• Marine

• Travelling fairs and circuses

• Equipment designed to run on railway tracks

Non-exempt businesses including construction, mining, quarrying, road maintenance, manufacturing, haulage refrigeration and waste management will need to revert to unmarked fuels (White diesel or White HVO) from 1st April 2022.




We, at Speedy, have a greater responsibility in the transition than you, due to our status as a Registered Dealer in Controlled Oils (RDCO). We will help by:

• Ensuring our bulk fuel tanks used for distribution are flushed to remove all traces of red marking.

• Ensuring our fleet fuel tanks do not contain red diesel after 1st April 2022, but these do not have to be flushed as they are considered as customer equipment.

• Providing advice and expert knowledge of the impending changes to ensure our customer remain compliant.

• Ensuring any requests for red marked fuels do not expose our customers to legal risk by screening fuel orders so they cannot be considered as stock piling and that red marked fuels are only used in the permitted industries.

• Working with our customers to ensure the additional costs do not impact credit limits which may impact other lines of supply.

• Keeping our customers informed of the impending rule changes and up to date with news and information.

• Providing advice on secure fuel storage options to mitigate risk of fuel theft.




Our Green D+ HVO fuel offers a reduction of 90% CO2e

  • Lower Emissions: Up to a 90% reduction of harmful substances.
  • Easy Switch: Compared to regular diesel, HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) delivers the same performance, uses the same tanks, is stored the same way, and is competitively priced.
  • Eco-Friendly Deliveries: We offset all carbon associated with your order, free of charge.
  • Convenience of Speedy: It’s simpler with us; all you have to do is top-up to reorder. 
  • Safer Performance: Safer handing, reduced emissions and cleaner burning.
  • Improved Site Air Quality: Biofuels improve the working environment for your staff.
  • Better Brand Image: HVO biodiesel can significantly reduce your annual carbon footprint, improving brand image making your company more attractive to customers and investors.
  • Order Online Here: Biofuels like HVO last longer in the tank than mineral or red diesel.

  • For more information visit: speedyservices.com/hvo-fuel


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