As the days get shorter and darker it is essential that you have the correct lighting equipment to help keep your site running safely and illuminated during the longer winter nights.  Speedy Services sustainable lighting solutions includes lighting towers, festoon lighting, floodlights, work lights, task lights, and portable lighting.

We have the right hire tools for the job when you need it and where you want it. And with over 350 of our most popular products available on a guaranteed 4-hour delivery, and 200 service centres nationwide there's no need to look anywhere else for your high quality tool hire equipment.

Speedy leads the way with the newest and most cost-effective lighting solutions, helping you to get more light for less fuel. We have an extensive range of lighting solutions available to hire to help keep your site safe and productive, it’s time to light up your site this winter.


1. Lighting Towers

Lighting towers are perfect for lighting large areas of your site, we have a wide range of cost-effective and sustainable lighting towers, including, solar and hybrid technology and advanced battery systems.

Generac V20 Eco Hybrid LED Lighting Tower

The Generac V20 Pro 8.2m Eco hybrid lighting tower is 1.15t and features 4 x 240w LED floodlights and an all-in-one solution comprising of a battery-powered supply, hybrid power and low consumption diesel engine. This lighting tower is mobile and suitable for applications like roadworks, airports, and areas where light pollution must be kept to a minimum.

Hire V20 Eco Hybrid Lighting Towers

Speedy Lighting - V20 from Speedy Vimeo on Vimeo.


Generac VT1 Eco Lighting Tower

The Generac VT1 9m Eco lighting tower uses 30% less fuel and creates 30% less emissions than a standard VT1 due to its light sensor auto start/stop function. Starting automatically when it goes dark, the 4 x 1000w metal halide lamps cover 4200m². This diesel lighting tower is portable and includes a 9kVA generator with a 240v outlet suitable for site and roadwork use.

Hire VT1 Eco Lighting Towers


2. Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting is a traditional way of lighting up an area, festoon lights can be hung along walls, fencing or other structures, festoon lighting is ideal for walkways, corridors, under scaffolding and small to medium size work areas.

Festoon LED Light Kits

Festoon LED light kits are designed to give a unique combination of great light output, low running costs, and robust construction. With rubber cable from end-to-end, it sets this product apart from the more traditional festoons, built-in mounting points removes the need for ceiling hooks or poles.

Hire Festoon LED Light Kits


3. Floodlights

Floodlights are portable, available in fluorescent, halogen and LED, freestanding floodlights are ideal for lighting awkward areas or enclosed spaces.

NightSearcher GalaxyPro LED Floodlight 7.4V 1.52KG

The NightSearcher GalaxyPro floodlight 7.4V 1.52KG is powerful and robust, designed for industrial applications using the toughest composite materials. Utilising the very latest LED technology, the GalaxyPro flood light produces a very impressive 3500lm output and gives a wide floodlight beam in excess of 30m.

Hire LED Floodlights


4. Work Lights

Work lights are small, portable, and rechargeable battery-operated lights and are also suitable for a wide range of work tasks.

The Elite OMG-25 LED Rechargeable Battery Light

The Elite OMG-25 LED rechargeable battery light is designed to illuminate the work area up to 120° and can be attached to magnetic surfaces. Is ideally suited for construction and utility industries and where mains power is unavailable.

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5. Task Lights

Task lights are portable, purpose, anti-dazzle task lights are suitable for a wide range of general-purpose activities and work environments.

Plasterers LED Light 2FT 110V

The 2ft 110V LED plasterers light provides reliable performance. Mounted on a fixed leg tripod the light can be used both horizontally and vertically and emits excellent illumination suitable for onsite usage. The two power take off points enable you to string together multiple lights from one transformer.

Hire Task Lights


6. Portable Lighting

Portable lighting is convenient and a must have for many sites and workshops, they are versatile and lightweight which enables them to be moved around the site easily wherever they're needed, work can continue safely.

Exin-Light IN120L LED Portable Rechargeable Light

The Exin-Light IN120L LED portable rechargeable light is lightweight and portable, easy to use, safety and resilience with single or double-sided operation. Fully self-contained in a weatherproof unit and battery powered with a built-in charging cable storage compartment. No forgotten cable, no trip hazards.

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Hire the right equipment to light up your site this winter

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