Exclusive from Speedy: Milwaukee MX FUEL™ COS350 Cut Off Saw


Speedy Services are the only hire destination for the MX FUEL™ range from Milwaukee, within the UK hire industry. The entire range of cordless low carbon MX equipment is available, thanks to the exclusive deal.

The MX FUEL™ range is an exciting new prospect in the tool industry. Running on electric battery power, yet giving the performance of their petrol, diesel and corded counterparts, the range gives the user the ability to meet client carbon emission targets, as we move towards net zero objectives.

Projects can still be delivered safely, within time and on budget, with no compromise on quality or productivity.

These aren’t the only benefits of the new range, either. With the use of battery power, fumes and emissions that risk personal health is a thing of the past. There is no need to refuel, and the lack of by-products means the tools can be used in enclosed spaces for prolonged periods.

Speedy are proud to be partnered exclusively with Milwaukee to offer this range to the hire market, and with a UK-wide range of depots and delivery networks, hiring powerful trade tools has never been easier.

Below, we will go into more detail about what makes the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ COS350 Cut Off Saw such an exciting innovation.

How does the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ COS350 Cut Off Saw perform?

Cut off saws, or circular saws, are used to cut hard materials such as concrete, tile and metals. The cutting action is performed by an abrasive disc.

Despite being battery powered, the COS350 by Milwaukee has the power to cut reinforced concrete with a full 350mm cut capacity. In fact, it is the world's first 350mm battery-powered cut-off saw to deliver the power to cut reinforced concrete.

It has a three-second push-button start-up, which gets you going and stuck into the job in no time at all. Awkward pull starts are a thing of the past. And there’s petrol equivalent performance too. So, it won’t take you any longer to use than traditional cut off saws.

You can also change out the cutting wheels quickly and easily using the spindle lock mechanism. Cut a wide variety of materials, with just one tool.

There is also a standard water connection with a sprinkler system to supply water to the wheel. This will suppress the dust produced during cutting, so not only are you working with fewer fumes but there are fewer airborne hazards altogether.

Milwaukee MX FUEL™ COS350 Cut Off Saw

Why you should choose battery versus petrol

Traditionally, tool power needed petrol, especially if using a cordless tool on site. But petrol can come with its headaches. Fumes and emissions meant limited use, particularly if used in small, confined spaces. But zero fume emissions mean this Milwaukee cut off saw can even be used indoors.

It is also quieter than petrol equivalents, and there is low engine vibration and well-balanced weight for easier control.

Battery power isn’t only better than petrol when it comes to noise, vibrations, and emissions, though. The MX FUEL™ COS350 Cut Off Saw also cuts out the need for petrol maintenance, or the time it takes to refill the engine. Less time maintaining equals more time working, which in turn equals greater productivity.

When the power runs out, just swap the battery. The Milwaukee MX FUEL™ Cut Off Saw can work with both the CP203 and XC406 batteries. The former will recharge in 45 minutes, and the XC406 recharges in 90 minutes.

ONE-KEY™ Technology

The MX FUEL™ Cut Off Saw is ONE-KEY™ compatible. What does this mean?

ONE-KEY™ inventory management technology from Milwaukee gives the user access to a free of charge cloud-based tracking network and inventory management platform for tools. This gives you tool tracking and security, protecting your items against theft and giving you the chance to track them if the worst does happen.

Bluetooth® tracking, barcode scanning and geofencing mean you’re in control of any job, crew, and location. Real-time alerts can immediately tell you there’s an issue while you can still do something about it, too.

ONE-KEY™ also features a remote locking functionality, so you can make the tools unusable to anyone who isn’t meant to have them in their hands. All of this can be controlled from one app or through your computer.


Hire the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ range

The entire Milwaukee MX FUEL™ range, including the demolition hammercut off saw and diamond core drill, is available to hire exclusively at Speedy.

With a UK-wide network of depots and delivery networks, zero-emission tools have never been more accessible or readily available. We are excited to be able to bring this innovative equipment into the UK’s hire market.

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