Speedy - the UK’s leading provider of equipment rental and support services – is delighted to have introduced Carillion to its sustainability agenda One Plan during Carillion’s own Sustainability Week.

Carillion, one of the UK’s leading support services and construction companies, has shown significant interest in the sustainability action plan, which aims to embed sustainable best practice across the sector’s supply chain through a range of new services, supplier incentives, and internal initiatives.

Under the initiative, which was discussed at Speedy’s open day at their Warrington Multi Service Centre (MSC), Carillion stated its interest to begin using a number of One Plan products and services, which will enable its supply chain to reduce carbon emissions, improve health and safety and increase efficiency.

Speedy also demonstrated their latest pioneering Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) measurement tool, HAVmeter, as part of Carillion’s Sustainability Week.

Steve Corcoran, chief executive of Speedy, said “Sustainable practices not only help the environment, but also greatly benefit a business’ bottom line by increasing efficiency. As more large contractors such as Carillion come on board, we look forward to the initiative leading to tangible changes in our sector.”

Simon Hannak, Lead Category Manager at Carillion, said: “Supporting Speedy’s One Plan programme was a natural move for us. We want both our sites and our suppliers to be green and this initiative can only be a good thing for the sector.”

The HAVmeter, which was developed in partnership with Reactec, is a pager-sized device which greatly reduces operatives’ risk of developing ‘white finger’, the condition caused by over-use of vibrating equipment. The device monitors the meters per second squared (m/s2) vibrations of any tool to which it is attached and uses a traffic light system to notify the user whether they are approaching the 400 points maximum vibration limit prescribed by the HSE.

The tool can be returned to a base station at the end of the day, where a record of the user’s exposure to vibrations can be downloaded. After each session, the HAVmeter resets to zero ready for use by the next operative. Previously, the only way to collate this information was manually.

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