Every year, the HSE receives information regarding more than 1,000 work-related accidents involving welders. This could come as no surprise given the complex and skilled nature of the work, as well as the potentially dangerous materials and processes involved.

 Furthermore, around 300 of the reported accidents are classified as major injuries, which include fractures and amputations. This is why it is so essential to follow health and safety laws to reduce the risk of anything happening to your workers.

 There are three main types of accidents that are reported and these are trips and slips, being hit by a moving or falling object and incidents related to manual handling. Any companies using welding hire need to be aware of these risks and take steps to prevent them.

 The HSE states that if companies manage the risk of trips and slips effectively, they can almost completely eliminate the problem. According to the organisation, it received reports of 151 slip and trip accidents to welders in 2003/04, which represents just over 13 per cent of all the accidents to welders. This is a considerable amount and enterprises must do all they can to stop this from happening on their construction site.

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